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Hi everybody !

I made my first pano (cylindrical) a long time ago in 2002 with a Coolpix 750.

Living in Montpellier, I am the cofounder of "Zooomez", with Carole, my wife, and our friend Nicolas.

Located in Montpellier, south of France, we have launched the Zoomez' project about 20 month ago. Still "confidential", this project will officially be released within a few days.

The goal of this collaborative and partenarial project is to give a large (and free) access, through a multimedia map, to many points of interest all around the world, but we started to collect panos around Montpellier, the town we are living in. We already have about 2500 points of interest on our map, some of these points containing tens of panos.

We already have a partnerships with City of Montpellier and Airpano, and several others are under study.

You will find more info on our website (french only, sorry, english - and spanish ! - coming soon !).

Our map - still under development - is on this link (then you can zooomin or zooomout of course).

We much prefer quality over quantity, so the medias we put on the map need to be approved by our team. But most panos on viewat have a very good quality indeed, and if you want to share your panos on our map (with your viewat links) you are welcome :-).

Just send us an email at

If your enjoy our project, please share our Facebook page (still under construction too...) or click on this link

Have a nice day :-)

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