Ortner Markus

Local de residência:

Klagenfurt, Austria

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Equipamento utilizado:

Sony A7 with 16/mm8mm Fisheye

The most highlight panoramas by Ortner Markus

Lindwurm Fountain

22 votos

The “Lindwurmbrunnen” is the Klagenfurts’s landmark and also shown in the towns emblem. It was created in 1593 from a single block of slate out of...

Fun Fair Klagenfurt 08

12 votos

Playgrounds of the Autumn Fair 2008 in Klagenfurt

Wolfsberg Castle

12 votos

High above the city of Wolfsberg lies the Wolfsberg Castle, build in 1007 and first mentioned in a document in 1178. In 1846, Count Hugo Henckel...

Klagenfurt Observatory - Outside

42 votos

The observatory on the Kreuzbergl was founded in 1965 and placed on top of the old outlook tower. High above the City, the observatory offers both...

Fun Fair Klagenfurt 08

30 votos

Playgrounds of the Autumn Fair 2008 in Klagenfurt

Christmas Market 2008

3 votos

Panorama from the Christmas Market 2008 in Klagenfurt

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