Camden Lock Market - the bottom of Hampstead Road Lock

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Data panografii 17.11.2013
Okay, so you can't strictly (or in any way) see Camden Lock Market from here... but Hampstead Road Lock is actually the Lock beside the Market, with two other Locks located on the other side of the road (beside a large area of much newer market stalls).

The lock was being cleaned out and both sets of lock gates were getting replaced, as well as assorted brickwork repairs, repointing and timberwork being undertaken. As the British Canal system is now being looked after by a new charitable body, the Canal & River Trust, they were keen to gather support for the future and so opened the bottom of the lock to the public for a couple of days during the repairs. A lot of sludge had been removed by this point, although that didn't stop me treading in something nasty and pink, plus getting it on my jeans too... must remember to not walk while looking through a viewfinder... :-)

BTW the lock is over 200 years old but the upper parts of the brickwork were re-done in 1915.

Oh, and thanks to my friend Charlie for this informative (?!?) extra link:
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