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The most highlight panoramas by Nikos Pachtas

Pontikonisi (mouse island) Corfu, Greece

9 glos(y)(ów)

This is the most photographed view at the island of Corfu Greece. The view from Canoni to the mouse island (Pontikonisi) and to the monastery of...

Fiskardo, Cefalonia island, Greece

5 glos(y)(ów)

Fiskardo is a wonderful traditional village, located in the north of the island of Cefalonia, surrounded by forest. It is a typical sample of the...

Arkadi Monastery, Island of Crete, Greece

6 glos(y)(ów)

The Arkadi Monastery is not only a religious monument but also a symbol of the strugle for the liberation of Greece.

Inside Achillion Palace, Corfu island, Greece

4 glos(y)(ów)

The stunning appearance of this stately palace takes the visitor back in history to when the palace was inhabited by two great figures from...

Inside a flat in Thessaloniki

5 glos(y)(ów)
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