Jean-Pierre Scherrer

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Nikon D810 + fisheye Nikon 10.5mm. f/2.8 or Samyang 12mm. f/2.8 on Nodal Ninja 5 pano head, monopod or handheld.


Nikon 10.5mm: 4 images around, Samyang 12mm.: 4 images around at +20° + 1 image for the Nadir.  Ptgui for stitching and building the "equirectangular" view, then Pano2VR for making the spherical panorama.

The most highlight panoramas by Jean-Pierre Scherrer

Geneva Fountain at dusk a rainy day

50 glos(y)(ów)

While walking along Geneva lakeshore at the end of the day, under a quite heavy rain, I shot this panorama because I found the light was very...

Cathedral of Brasilia

40 glos(y)(ów)

Built by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, the Cathedral of Brasilia has been inaugurated in 1970. It's situated on the "Esplanada dos...

Another view of the Basilica Notre Dame in Geneva, Switzerland

30 glos(y)(ów)

The Basilica Notre-Dame of Geneva is the main Roman Catholic church in Geneva, Switzerland, the old St. Pierre Cathedral being now a Protestant...

Sunset over the river !

30 glos(y)(ów)

This panorama has been shot at Jacare Beach, on the Paraiba River, in the state of Paraiba (Parayba?), Nordeste of Brazil.

Bandstand in the ”English Garden”

30 glos(y)(ów)

This is a view at dusk, from the center of the "Kiosque a musique", in the English Garden, on Geneva's lakeside !

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