The Ocher Trail

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Data panografii 23.06.2015
The Ocher Trail (or Le Sentier des Ocres), near the village of Roussillon in the French departement of Vaucluse (region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur), allows you to wend your way through a magical, multicolor palette of rocks replete with eroded red cliffs and chestnut groves. It's an exceptional experience and a must for every tourist visiting this village - beautifully wooded paths and a fantastic scenery. It's just Grand Canyon in French version!
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Jos Sanders

Szerokosc geograficzna: 43° 53' 56" N, Dlugosc geograficzna: 5° 17' 55" E see »

Lokalizacja: France

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The Ocher Trail


The Ocher Trail (or Le Sentier des Ocres), near the village of Roussillon in the French departement of Vaucluse (region Provence-Alpes-Côte...

The dolmens of Font Méjanne


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Colorado Provençal


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Château de Hautefort, Dordogne, France

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Mas de Jean Blanc Dolmen, France

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