Book fair @ Belgrade 2011.

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56 International Belgrade Book Fair will be held from 23 to 30 October 2011. year. The fair will be officially opened on Sunday night, and will last one day longer than in previous years. This will fans of the written word have more time to become familiar with new publications, and socializing with local and foreign authors.

Exhibition concept will be similar to last year. The modern world and national publishing production, presentation writers, promotions and other necessary software publishers, will be presented at this year, 56 International Belgrade Book Fair. Concept of the exhibition complexes were separated from the publishers bookstore, and that means cleaner and more fair presentation of the exhibition space. The Belgrade Fair Hall 1, next to the country guest of honor, there will be domestic and foreign publishers - only with their own editions. Domestic and foreign publishers, distributors and booksellers will be located in the orchestra hall 4, while the gallery of the hall to be used and antiquarian books. State institutions and authorities publishing their productions and projects presented by the Hall 1a. National presentations and foreign publishers, publishers main occupation education, publishers of academic and professional literature will be located in Hall 2a. On an area of ​​30,091 gross square feet, will feature over 800 publishers from home and abroad.

Slogan: Books bring people together

The guest of honor of the Book Fair is a Portuguese language. Motor performance was the guest of honor - one language, many cultures. This year, the Portuguese language, spoken by 250 million people in the world, instead of the country, will have a place of honor at the Book Fair in Belgrade. Portuguese Language and Literature luzofonih eight countries (Angola, Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, East Timor, Mozambique, Portugal, Sao Tome and Principe) will be presented to the audience of the Belgrade Book Fair. Embassy of Angola, Brazil and Portugal, which have their embassies in Serbia, on behalf of other countries luzofonih, prepare a variety of literary and cultural program in the presence of authors and artists who will present their books and culture in the countries they come from.

International Publishers: In addition to these countries at this year's Book Fair participating publishers from Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Israel, Iran, Japan, China, Russia and Belarus.

EUNIC: Joint presentation at the 56th International Belgrade Book Fair have four institutes for culture from the European Union in Belgrade: Austrian Cultural Forum, French Institute, the Goethe Institute and the Cervantes Institute. Introducing audiences to the countries and cultures they represent, will be carried out through a program that includes "EUNIC - quiz" which winners will receive prizes, and a concert in several languages ​​and environmentally studio.
EUNIC make Institutes of Culture of the European Union to create networks among themselves, achieving a successful cooperation. His goal is to improve and expand the cultural diversity and understanding between European societies and to strengthen international dialogue and cultural cooperation with countries outside Europe.

The Book Fair: raise important strategic issues of publishing and literary production, but the threads of the book and media relations, presentations of books in public ... With the participation of writers, editors, publishers, university professors, journalists, visitors expect current issues and possible controversy.

Pinned Book Fair:

    Should the PR book?
    Co-financing of publishing: help or hoax?
    Library of the future
    Spelling and literacy
    Electronic books and the world of information

Chatting: Pekic in honor of the talks on the history of war crimes, sarcastic regional history and history of fantasy and nightmare.

Strip Workshop: strip programs show how literature Marko joins (apparently) vanknjiževnim characters supported "stripadžija" from the country and the world.

Poetry and the environment: causes new poetic practice: a live word poetry and new strategies in researching the relationship between language and the world.

Seventh Annual Meeting of Librarians: Librarians theme of the meeting is Serbia "New Law on legal deposit publikcije".

Exhibitions: Guest of Honor in addition to exhibitions, and exhibitions will be arranged, "the writer Ivo Andric and / or a diplomat", "Branko Miljkovic," "Tekelija", "Czeslaw Milos", "Photos of the first editions of books Dositej Obradovic", "Selenić" "Borislav Pekic", "Cyrillic Culture", "Days of Cyrillic", "Typographic school Cyrillic - Tipometar", "Transfiguration - 20 years" and "The illustrations and comics."

Publishers are represented by their authors and new releases. During these programs at the stands of our publishers will attend a number of contemporary Serbian writers and world.

School Day: 27 oktobar 2011th Exhibition organized visits a day dedicated to students, teachers, students and professors. Publishers are preparing a special comprehensive program for pupils, students and professors.

Family Day: 25 and 26 oktobar 2011th families will be able to visit the Book Fair with special discounts.

Awards International Belgrade Book Fair:

    Publisher of the Year
    The Publishing Project
    Children's Book of the Year

Prizes are awarded to the publishing and production of works which by its quality and relevance of scientific and artistic achievements are remarkable efforts of publishers, editors and writers. The novelty this year's event is a rating system of production in which the publishers themselves participating in the Fair Book automatically compete for prizes, without any special application. About the awards decided by five-member jury appointed by the Board of the Belgrade Book Fair.

In addition to traditional prizes will be awarded for publishing and "Dositej Obradovic," which is annually awarded to a foreign publisher continuously contributing to the publication and promotion of Serbian literature.

Open book: the last day of Book Fair Representative luzofonih countries will officially hand over the Open Book Representative of Hungary, a country that will be guests of honor at the 57th International Belgrade Book Fair, the 2012th year.

Opening hours Book Fair: 10 to 21h. Another novelty this year's event has been extended opening hours by one hour.

Tickets: Ticket prices at the 56th International Belgrade Book Fair, have remained unchanged from last year and pretprošlu - individual tickets is 250, and tickets for group visits to 150 dinars. Family ticket price is 600 dinars. On Sunday, the first day, ticket price is 100 dinars.

New Web site: created a new, modern website of the Book Fair, which contains a number of useful information about the event. Site is located at

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Book fair @ Belgrade 2011.

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56 International Belgrade Book Fair will be held from 23 to 30 October 2011. year. The fair will be officially opened on Sunday night, and will...

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