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Antonov AN-22

2 votes

In the Musum in Speyer, Germany they have anAntonov, a Boing 747 and a russian Space shuttle. The Antonov is 58m long and has a wing span of 64m....

Media park - Cologne

10 votes

Just outside the city centre they built a 'media parc' with cinemas, bars, cafes,  restaurants, spas and hotels. The weather is not always nice and...

Kranhaeuser (Crane houses) in Cologne

21 votes

The so calles crane-houses ("Kranhaueser") in Cologne were build in 2008. Each one of the 17 story buildings is about 62m high, 70m long and 33m...

RTL media house in Cologne - HDR

21 votes

Same place and images as the proper RTL media house panorama but in HDR with over the top tone mapping.

RTL media house in Cologne

11 votes

RTL is one of the bigger broadcasters in Germany. They have offices in the Charles-de-Gaulle square, which was a part of the old exhibition centre...

'Love locks' on bridge in Cologne

32 votes

The tradition of the "Love locks" comes probably from Italy but here in Cologne you can see many of them. They are estimating that there are around...

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