Panoramas by Zbigniew Pilip Silver

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Trzni Kolonada - Karlove Vary, Czech Republik

31 votes

The settlement called Vary (Boiling Water) was founded around 1350. Town owes its present name the Roman Emperor Charles IV (1355-1378), who stayed...

On the slope of Sniezka Montain (Schneekoppe) in Giant Mountains (Karkonosze), Poland

20 votes

Śnieżka or Sněžka  (in Polish and Czech, Schneekoppe in German) is a mountain on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland, the most...

Snowy Pits (Śnieżne Kotły,Schneegruben) in Giant Mountains (Karkonosze), Poland

30 votes

Śnieżne Kotły (1,175 m (3,855 ft), Czech: Sněžné jámy, German: Schneegruben) are two glacial cirques in the western Krkonoše mountains (Giant...

Castle in Nove Mesto over Metuja, Czech Republic

11 votes

The view from a square between the castle and marketplace in Nove Mesto over Metuja River.

View from the Szczeliniec Wielki (Große Heuscheuer), Lower Silesia, Poland

2 votes

The view fron the natural platform placed in front of refuge on the top Szczeliniec Wielki (Große Heuscheuer) in Stolowe Montain...

Karkonos, refuge ”Dom Slaski” in the near of Sniezka top (Schneekoppe), south-western Poland

1 votes

The highest placed refuge in Karkonos, a part of Sudeten Montain. In the near of it the higest top in that montain: Sniezka (Schneekoppe): 1602 m.

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