Camden Lock Market - Northern End of the Stables Market

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These days Camden is full of markets, covering almost every spare inch of land, however the Camden Lock Market is the one that "made" the area into a trendy place to come. The Camden Lock Market has also grown over the years, although a lot of that growth is the addition of adjacent, but separate Markets, including the Stables Market. Strictly the Camden Lock Market is the part near the Canal and the whole Northern part is the Stables Market, featuring lots (and lots) of Bronze Horse sculptures (they're everywhere). Some of the newer Markets' stalls are quite touristy/consumery, but the area is still a great place to visit.

This is shot at just about the furthest North you can go in the Stables Market. The northern limit is actually the wall at the top of the ramp. If you go up the ramp and follow around the Horse Hospital building there are rows of stalls down the other side of the building leading southwards. The Horse Hospital is itself full of stalls. The shops on the left as you face the ramp have further shops behind them, and as you go South the stalls and shops just seems to endlessly expand. Fairly recently they have even added a quite large underground area of stalls. Unless you know your way around, or are a dedicated explorer, you'll probably miss 70% of it.

On the other side of the road they have also added a large area of new stalls. I could just go on and on... better to come and see it.

This was shot during the week as no way would it have been possible to shoot when it was crowded at the weekend (as it is made from a LOT of photos stitched together). The light shop is one of my favorite places to photograph so I thought I'd include it in my first panorama of the Market not shot from the bottom of the Lock (see my previous pano for that).

I'm not sure if people are interested, but this my second consecutive panorama that (IMHO) is technically a bit unusual. Though since no-one has (so far) voted for the one in the Lock at the South end of the Market maybe it's just me that's interested :-) but that's fine and I'm happy if people just enjoy some(/any) of my work...

Anyway, the one in the Lock was interesting as it was shot entirely freehand, the walls were very close (which is a parallax nightmare) I only had a couple of minutes to shoot it and I was immediately above a reflective surface (which so far only one person has commented on - oh and no, the water wasn't photoshopped).

This one is my first ever spherical panorama not using a Fisheye lens. I took 26 photos with a 14mm lens, using a length of cotton and a weight to help with my position. It is also easily my highest resolution Panorama, at just over 211MP (vs. 19MP and 55-56MP for the 8mm and 12mm ones respectively). Adding to the fun was squeezing it into ViewAt's 10MB file size limit - the stitched compressed TIF is 1.1GB and it used over 45GB of temporary disk space during stitching. It's also the first panorama I've uploaded as a zip of 6 faces rather than a JPEG, as the rate of JPEG conversions hanging-up part way through was getting too much.

Oh, and yes it took ages to stitch, I stitched it something like 6-8 times, the only big problem was sorting out the multi-umbrella thing, which took about 3 goes to sort, after that is was just choosing the people to include and what shot of them to use.

BTW the previous tough ones that also required me to come up with new ways of shooting were the Hungerford Bridge, with the parallax from all those railings that were very close to me (my first attempt didn't go well). Those were made worse by shooting quickly as lots of stuff was happening that I wanted to capture. The second one was the British Museum Atrium with that roof!

I'm still not tempted to use a Tripod or Pano head though, even if the cotton does get tangled more often than I'd like...


P.S. I didn't think this was possible - I got a real buzz out of making it work. I hope some people enjoy it :-)
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