Pinsdorf Wilfried

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Havixbeck, Germany

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Hello my name is Wilfried Pinsdorf and I work as a freelance photographer and photojournalist in Havixbeck (Germany) and Thezan-lès-Béziers (France). I specialized in digital 360 ° panoramic photography, landscape- and aerial-photographs for advertising and tourism industry. Besides my work as a photographer with an international audience is my great passion for landscape and travel photography, especially in the Languedoc-Roussillon and in northern Germany and the Netherlands and my love for sculpture and fine art still called :-)

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Panoramas by Pinsdorf Wilfried

Baumberger Sandstone Museum

10 votes

The Museum of Sandstone in Havixbeck introduces a stone with history. Baumberger Sandstone - that's not only a building material, but also a...

Douaumont ossuary

31 votes

The Douaumont ossuary contains the unidentified remains of 130,000 French and German soldiers from the Battle of Verdun

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