Tholos de El Romeral

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Tholos de El Romeral situated 2.5 kilometres north east of the town of Antequera (Andalusia) is one of the most important examples of Neolithic architecture in southern Europe. Tholos de El Romeral, also known as Cueva de Romeral (Cave of Romeral) and Dolmen de Romeral, is a megalithic burial site built circa 1800 BCE. It is one of three tombs in region, the others being Dolmen de Menga and Dolmen de Viera, both situated to the south west.

Tholos de El Romeral is a chambered tomb covered by a mound. It consists of a long corridor with drystone walls made of small stones and a ceilings made of megalithic slabs. The corridor culminates with two consecutive round beehive-like chambers. The larger chamber has a diameter of approximately 4.20 metres and has corbelled walls built in the same way as the corridor, projecting inwards and culminating in a megalithic capstone. The floor of the corridor and main chamber are made of rammed earth. The second chamber is linked to the first by a rectangular (and is not accessible to the public). It has a diameter of approximately 2 metres contains altar-like slab, beyond the floor of the small room is covered with stone slabs. Dolmen of Romeral remains were found of bones and grave goods .

Although it is believed that these megalithic buildings had different uses (tombs, temples, etc.) the Romeral Dolmen is certainly a burial site because human remains, shells and ceramics of two different types were found within it.
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Jos Sanders

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Tholos de El Romeral


Tholos de El Romeral situated 2.5 kilometres north east of the town of Antequera (Andalusia) is one of the most important examples of Neolithic...

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