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The Tower at Kiti

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The tower in Kiti is a monument of military architecture of the late XV century, built in the Venetian style. This is one of the fortified towers,...

Chapel of Agios Georgios tis Arperas (Saint George)

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The church of Agios Georgios Arperas was founded by the Dragoman Konstantinos Christofanis in 1745, outside of Tersefanou village, on the site of...

View from the mountains near the village of Pedoulas

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Photo of the sun setting behind the mountains. View from the top of the Fidkias Hill, near the Holy Cross Church, between the villages of Pedoulas...

Oreites Windmills Park

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The wind farm at Oreites is the first ever built in Cyprus wind farm. It's located near the Oreites forest, on the border of ​​Limassol and Paphos...

Olive Oil Factory

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Olive Crusher and Hydraulically Powered Vertical Olive Crusher at Olive Oil Factory in Lania Village, Cyprus.

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