Laung Prabang National Museum, Lao

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Sigma 10mm F2.8 Fisheye
Nodal Ninja 3

Latitud: 19° 53' 30" N, Longitud: 102° 8' 9" E veure »

Lloc: Lao People's Democratic Republic

Panoràmiques de Dheerayod Patibhanthewa

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Vang Vieang: Song River

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Side of River Song in Vang Vieang, Lao

Morning in Chiang Karn

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Early Morning of People in Chiang Karn. It's alway best to donate breakfast with boiled sticky rice to monks.

Wat Kallayanee, Bangkok

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Wat Kallayanee is located on the Chawpraya river bank. Gigantic Buddha image is highly respected by Buddhism around Thailand. This temple and...

Golden Mountain, Wat Saket

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Golden Mount. @ Wat Saket, Bangkok A classic landmark from early Bangkok establish. Contain relic of Holy Buddha. You can spot this place easily...

Thepthidaram Temple with Halo around the sun.

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Theptidaram Temple Theptida in Thai mean "Angel" I was very surprise to see giant halo surrounding sun at noon above temple of angel.

52 Female monks sculpture, Thepthidaram Temple Bangkok

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Wat Thepthidaram, Bangkok-Thailand Believed to be the only place in Thailand with ,52, female monks sculpture .

Laung Por Tor (Giant Buddha image)@ Intraram Temple, Bangkok

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Wat Intraram (Intraram Temple), Bangkok     Annual temple fair during 1-10 Mar 2009. Thai people from all over Bangkok come to pray and make a...

Intaram Temple

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Toy shop from Yester year@ Ban Museum, Bangkok


One of the mock room display old toy from yesteryear...

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