Former Greek Quarter, Nevsehir, Cappadocia, Turkey

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Tirada em 01-06-2012
Belltower ( 1870) of the Hagios Georgios Church (around 1760, oldest church in Nevşehir) in front of the old primary school. The area south of the castle of Nevşehir was inhabited mainly by Christians until 1923 and the people exchange between Turkey and Greece. Later many Turks moved into the abandoned houses, changed them, built new ones, destroyed some etc. Nowadays the government had decided to renew the whole area and forced the people to move away. Some buildings had been declared as of historic interest and all the other ones are meanwhile pulled down.
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Latitude: 38° 36' 56" N, Longitude: 34° 42' 47" E see »

Localização: Turkey

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