Ferradillo, iglesia abandonada

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Tirada em 20-04-2013
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Equipamento utilizado:

Tokina 10-17 mm
Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1



Latitude: 42° 27' 57" N, Longitude: 6° 39' 22" W see »

Localização: Spain

Comentários sobre esta panorâmica:

Gracias, Señora Susan !
Por Andrew Varlamov | 22-05-2013 - 20:30:51 GMT +0200
Por Evgeniy Pavlenko | 22-05-2013 - 21:28:39 GMT +0200
This pano makes me think of the time when this small church had been built. I imagine a village with 50 to 100 families somewhere in the mountains. Most of them farmers, struggeling for life every day. One day they decide to built a church and give their last money for it. Looking at the stonewalls one can see that it was made by a skilled person, perhaps a specialist from far away, perhaps from the village, someone who usually repairs the farmhouses. Who knows? I imagine the first time this church was used. All the people came, wearing their best clothes and full of pride. Many of them had helped to build it. Carried stones from far away, cut trees in the forest, prepaired food for the workers etc. - Today we pay taxes and many people forget to value the work of our ancestors. - Great pano Susana
Por Heiner Straesser | 22-05-2013 - 22:34:53 GMT +0200
Thank you Andrew & Evgeniy!! Heiner, no more than 10 families lived here, and this hamlet was abandoned in 1974, because it was so isolated and lacked water and electricity although there is a big city and a coal termoelectric plant no more than 20 km away. They had a subsistence economy so they choose emigration pursuing a better life. Some people are returning now and recovering the houses as a second or hollyday residence.
Por Susana López | 23-05-2013 - 00:29:39 GMT +0200

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