Wat PraThumWaNaRam -- Prepare for New Year 2012

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Equipamento utilizado:

Nikon D90 Nikkor 10.5mm


Using Nodal Ninja Panoramic Head

Latitude: 13° 44' 45" N, Longitude: 100° 32' 13" E see »

Localização: Thailand

Comentários sobre esta panorâmica:

Hi Wiz !!. Nice to see you again in viewAt.org. How are you?. I hope everything it´s ok in Thailand now. It´s good sign to see that you are uploading panoramas again. Congrats and regards from VLC. I hope to see both of you soon. Kind Regards,

Por Bernard Custard | 26-12-2011 - 08:01:37 GMT +0100

Everything in Thailand nearly back to as it used to be.  Some areas still have flood but not in the news.   ...oh btw, happy new year 2012 (For Thai it is 2555).  Wish you and your team members (family too) joy and happiness from now on.

warm regards,
Por Wiz | 31-12-2011 - 09:46:21 GMT +0100

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