Biamón, Asturias, Spain.

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Tirada em 15-03-2011
Biamon es un pueblo abandonado o casi abandonado del término de Ponga en Asturias. Un tranquilo y paradisíaco, pero que lamentablemente ha acabado siendo abandonado. Si verdaderamente queréis tranquilidad os aconsejo daros un vuelta y visitar el pueblo. Los accesos son un poco díficiles y hay que ir andado.

Gracias Javi por aconsejarnos tan bien :).

Biamon it is an abandoned village or at least nearly which is Ponga´s term located in Asturias (Spain). A calm and very heavenly town, but unfortunalely ended up being abandoned. if you peace and relax you have to visit this place. The roads are quite dangerous with the car but you can leave it next to the town and then go walking for half and hour :).
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Latitude: 43° 10' 52" N, Longitude: 5° 4' 34" W see »

Localização: Ponga, Spain

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This reminds me very much to the villages in the mountains parallel the Turkish Black Sea. I have seen exactly the same storage buildings (the one on the pillar with the flat stone) in the area around Artvin (close to the Georgian border). The construction of the normal houses seems to be different. When you look at the houses of my image "Oymaagac 2009-10" you can see wooden pillars at the corners of the houses. They are carriing the whole building. The stones just reach a certain hight and on top of them there are mudbricks. But these houses are more and more replaced by "modern" faceless concrete buildings.
Por Heiner Straesser | 21-03-2011 - 00:38:58 GMT +0100
Que pasada, Bernard,magnífica!
@Heiner, this kind of buildings seem to be everywhere ib undevelopped & mountain countries, this could be even in Nepal :), but you can see this buildings called "horreos" in most of northwestern spain
Por Enrique Alvarez | 21-03-2011 - 01:04:34 GMT +0100
Hi Heiner as Enrique said that type of typical building it´s called Hórreo. Here you´ve got a little explanation of what it´s and what is for.

This one they said that it´s the only one that it has (Dos aguas) Two waters near the area. The roof it´s a little bit differents than the others Hórreos.

As Enrique said they are typical granary built in woodfrom the North of Spain. Nowadays they are not using them a lot for that purpose.
Por Bernard Custard | 21-03-2011 - 01:41:14 GMT +0100

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