El descanso de los peregrinos.

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Despues de remontar el puerto de Piedrafita, subiendo desde los 500 a los 1300 m de altitud, los peregrinos a Compostela avistan por primera vez las tierras de Galicia. Un momento para un merecido descanso y volver la vista hacia la comarca del Bierzo, que acaban de dejar atrás.

The Way of St James has existed for over a thousand years. It was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages during medieval times. It was considered one of three pilgrimages on which a plenary indulgence could be earned; the others are the Via Francigena to Rome and the pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Legend holds that St. James's remains were carried by boat from Jerusalem to northern Spain where they were buried on the site of what is now the city of Santiago de Compostela. There are some, however, who claim that the bodily remains at Santiago belong to Priscillian, the fourth-century Galician leader of an ascetic Christian sect, Priscillianism, who was one of the first Christian heretics to be executed.

There is not a single route; the Way can take one of any number of pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela. However a few of the routes are considered main ones. Santiago is such an important pilgrimage destination because it is considered the burial site of the apostle, James the Great. During the Middle Ages, the route was highly travelled. However, the Black Plague, the Protestant Reformation and political unrest in 16th- century Europe resulted in its decline. By the 1980s, only a few pilgrims arrived in Santiago annually. However, since then, the route has attracted a growing number of modern-day pilgrims from around the globe. The route was declared the first European Cultural Route by the Council of Europe in October 1987; it was also named one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites in 1993.
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Latitude: 42° 42' 27" N, Longitude: 7° 2' 33" W see »

Localização: Pedrafita do Cebreiro, Spain

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Ponferrada, Calle del Paraisín.

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Ponferrada, Calle del Reloj

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Mi primer HDR verdadero :) El arco de la Calle del Reloj es uno de los últimos vestigios de la muralla medieval que rodeaba la antigua villa de...

A moment of rest

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After an extenuating stroll under an inclement sun, we were offered a place to rest in the shade. It turned out to be a wonderful place, with...

Gato Island, Philippines

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Yeah, I know, too many paralax errors, the boat moving, no tripod, but, who cares? The moment was magic, after a gorgeous dive amid white tip...

Castrillo de los Polvazares

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Castrillo de los Polvazares pertenece a la comarca de La Maragatería. Se trata de una de las poblaciones del Camino de Santiago. El pueblo se...

Catedral de Astorga

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Palacio Episcopal y Catedral de Astorga

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Astorga fué la capital del noroeste romano hace ya 2000 años. Aún conserva la muralla romana, dentro de la que se encuentran la catedral y el...

O Cebreiro

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Aldea de O Cebreiro en los Ancares de Lugo, Camino de Santiago. Tras mas de 800 km de camino, los peregrinos llegan a esta aldea y ven por primera...

Iglesia y hospital de peregrinos en O Cebreiro

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Pre-romanic church & old pilgrim's Hospital in O Cebreiro.

Pallozas en los Ancares

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A group of german pilgrims take a rest beside the old Pallozas (traditional thatched houses) on their way to Compostela.

El descanso de los peregrinos.

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Despues de remontar el puerto de Piedrafita, subiendo desde los 500 a los 1300 m de altitud, los peregrinos a Compostela avistan por primera vez...

Interior de una Palloza

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Una palloza es una construcción tradicional de la comarca de la Sierra de los Ancares. De planta circular u oval, de entre diez y veinte metros de...

Montañas de Los Ancares

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La región de Los Ancares está a caballo entre León y Galicia. Sus montañas constituyen uno de los terrenos más antiguos geológicamente de Europa....

Ponferrada, Desfile de Pendones.

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Los pendones de León son una de las tradiciones más arraigadas de la provincia. Ya fueron famosos en la Edad Media debido a su enorme tamaño....

Antigua mina de carbón abandonada

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Old abandoned coal mine

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