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Voldemārs Irbe, Matīsa un Brīvības ielu stūris, Rīga

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Voldemārs Irbe (saukts arī Irbīte vai Irbītis) - populārs mākslinieks Latvijā starpkaru periodā. Kultūrā ievērojams ar to, ka bija pirmais...

Afternoon in the garden of Rundale Palace, some 200 years ago...

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Rundale Palace, the most prominent example of Baroque and Rococo art in Latvia, meets visitors with splendid architecture, rich interiors and...

Bus stop at the Latvian Academy of Science

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The Academy of Sciences edifice was built after World War II, between 1953 and 1956, as a gift from the workers and peasants of the other Soviet...

Gaujarts at Fontaine Fire Bar, Liepaja

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Watch video of one of their best songs recorded together with The New Chamber Orchestra of Riga -

Riga Aviation Museum, Latvia

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Museum's exposition counts more than forty military and civil flying devices, and also samples of equipment, arms, uniform etc. Find more at...

Cabin of the Soviet heavy transport helicopter Mi-6, Riga Aviation Museum

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The Mil Mi-6 (NATO reporting name Hook) was a Soviet heavy transport helicopter first flown in July 1957 and built in large numbers for both...

Bears at the Riga Circus

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