ЯRMARKA (YARMARKA), annual exhibition and art fair at the Latvian Academy of Art

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This is the ninth year of JARMARKA — exhibition of students’ work, fair, and charity event — taking place. Approximately 300 artists will participate in JARMARKA, offering several thousands of unique pieces of art. Don’t miss the opportunity not only to get acquainted with the work of new talents and already distinguished artists, but also to buy presents for yourself and others. A part of the profit will be donated to the restoration of LMA building for renewing and preserving the largest Art Nouveau wall painting in Riga.
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Mais informação em: http://www.virtuallatvia.lv

Latitude: 56° 57' 17" N, Longitude: 24° 6' 40" E see »

Localização: Latvia

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Bravo !!. :)
Por Bernard Custard | 19-12-2011 - 12:09:50 GMT +0100
Una forma muy hermosa de usar los hotspots de imagen. Me encanta! I think it's a beautiful way to use the imge hotspots into the panorama! :-D
Por Iban Borràs Serret | 19-12-2011 - 13:13:18 GMT +0100
I love it! I really enjoy with this new feature of viewat.org  :)
Por Ra | 20-12-2011 - 00:53:13 GMT +0100

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