Living history at Skansen - the Oktorp farmstead

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Tirada em 08-12-2010
The Oktorp Farmstead (Oktorpsgården) comes from Halland. It shows what a farmstead in the flat countryside there looked like in the 1870s.

In front of the high seat there is a table and in front of the table a movable bench. But it was only on festive occasions that people ate at this table. On ordinary days the food was set out on a so-called chair-table close to the stove.
There are two built-in beds with curtains in the room, separated by a cupboard. It was here that farmer and his wife and the younger children slept. In winter the farm hands slept on benches in the kitchen quarters while in the summer they had their own sleeping quarters. Beneath the bed cupboard there was a space enclosed by a grill in which the ducks and hens were kept in the winter.

As the room appears at Skansen it has been decorated for a festive occasion. The walls and the ceiling have been draped with painted hangings and woven linen cloths. Normally the room did not look like this at all. But in southern Sweden it was not usual to have a separate room for parties. Instead, the living room was appropriately decorated for special occasions. Long painted hangings were fixed to the walls above the benches. Tapestries were woven by the women of the farm. The painted hangings, with Biblical motifs, were bought at markets or from itinerant salesmen. Behind the living room there are two further rooms, one of them furnished for the elderly grandmother Ingeborg. A tiled stove was erected in the room in the 19th century.
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Latitude: 59° 19' 32" N, Longitude: 18° 6' 27" E see »

Localização: Sweden

Comentários sobre esta panorâmica:

It looks quite romantic, but probably only for a few days. Real life must haven been very hard.
Por Heiner Straesser | 21-03-2011 - 15:00:48 GMT +0100
I imagen the sound that it would have the environment and also a little interview explaining us how it´s his life and how hard it is. I like it very much as Heiner said it´s very romantic :). Did you take plain photos too?
Por Bernard Custard Gascó | 21-03-2011 - 15:38:40 GMT +0100
Of course you are right - this is how this room looked just for Christmas celebration, but in every-days it was more prosaic...

I've got an interview and close-ups of interior details, but still haven't found time to put it all together. Hope to do it till the next Christmas... (it's a joke, i hope :)

still it would be great to have a possibility to attach sound here at Viewat as well :)  I'm not even dreaming about photo hot-spots in panoramas.. :)
Por Vil Muhametshin | 22-03-2011 - 09:51:09 GMT +0100
Vil !!!, Be patient !!! :). Perhaps you will have a big surprise.
Por Bernard custard | 23-03-2011 - 07:38:02 GMT +0100

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