Tsaritsino Park II. Moscva. Russian Federation

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Tirada em 06-09-2008
The 18th century architecture ensemble was built (though not finished) following the order of empress Catherine II) in pseudo-Gothic style, after projects of the architects Bazhenov and Kazakov, and it is the only 18th century architectural ensemble of such dimensions in Russia. Around the palace, in the park there are a number of pavilions, pergolas, arbours, artificial grottos, decorative bridges (early 19th century, architect I. Yegotov), a Russian Orthodox temple “Source of Life”, as well as a modern recreation center with an upscale restaurant. For a long time most buildings were ruined (and alpinists used them for training). Recently most buildings have been "completed": rooftops, interiors and decorations were added and their historical appearance has been alterated. A number of buildings house the Russian museum of folk and applied art. The atrium of the “Bread House” is used for concerts of Moscow musicians.
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Latitude: 55° 36' 58" N, Longitude: 37° 40' 59" E see »

Localização: Moscow, Russian Federation

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