Steven DosRemedios

Local de residência:

Oakland, California, USA

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Equipamento utilizado:

Pentax Q, Gobi panorama head, TrekPod monopod


Image fusion of three images

The most highlight panoramas by Steven DosRemedios

Chichen Itza - Temple of the Warriors

76 votos

Each column depicts individual warriors.

Dining Room

67 votos

Balancanche Cavern

55 votos

These caves were seen by the Maya and most other Mesoamerican cultures as sacred places and as entrances to the underworld.

Soyuz Descent Module

52 votos

Three cosmonauts flew in this tiny capsule.

Tapestry Room - The Cloisters

47 votos

Unicorn in Captivity

Air Museum, Palm Springs, California

45 votos

Many historic aircraft can be found here.

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1440 authors
Manuel Vega Velazquez
de Cuautitlan Izcalli, Estado deMexico
Pangea Imagem
de Palmas, Tocantins, Brasil
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