Navaratree Annual parade preparation

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Tirada em 28-10-2009
Navaratree Annual parade preparation

    Navaratree is Hindu festival to celebrate Uma Devi goddess, the wife of Shiva. The Festival last for 9days and on the last night of festival there will be a parade of sacred structures of Temple around Silom area. As it is in Thailand you will find Thai/Chinese/ Indian/ Farang (Westerner) taking part in this parade even there ain't Hindu.
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Latitude: 13° 43' 27" N, Longitude: 100° 31' 23" E see »

Localização: Thailand

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Thanks for sharing it with us Dheerayod!!! Just amazing!!
Por Bernard Custard Gascó | 21-03-2010 - 05:25:29 GMT +0100

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