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Stockholm Sweden

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The most highlight panoramas by Jann Lipka

Interiour of 1961 Lancia Appia Sport Zagato

87 glos(y)(ów)

Really nice sports car  participating in a Classic Wheels show in Stockholm 22 AUg 2010.

1 May 2012 Kungsträdgården Stockholm

50 glos(y)(ów)

1 May 2012 meeting of left party Vanster in Stockholm with new party leader Jonas Sjöstedt

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele- Milan

48 glos(y)(ów)

around 8 o'clock in the morning - not crowded with people yet ......

Stockholm Marathon 6 of June 2010

42 glos(y)(ów)

few seconds after the start - running outside  of historic Olympic 1912 Stadium.

50 000 Balloons released outside The Royal Palace of Stockholm

36 glos(y)(ów)

Sweden's National Day was celebrated  June 6 across the country .

Reggae band Kalle Bah concert at Skogsrojet in Rejmyre

34 glos(y)(ów)

more panos from Skogsrojet festival  at : www.fotograf.nu/360/rejmyre2010/

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