Arch. excavation of Nerik 11-01, Turkey

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Data panografii 03.09.2011
Now in the fifth year of the archaeological excavations in Oymaagac, we hope for the final proof that this is the Hittite religious center of Nerik. Two years ago there were some cuneiform inscriptions, mentioning the citiy of Nerik - a strong indication. In the 2nd millenium B.C. the Hittites ruled an empire that reached from western Turkey to the borders of Egypt.

Here you can see the excavation area from the village Oymaagac. The main income of the people is tobacco and the fields are next to the road. After harvesting the tobacco leafs are dried in the sun and change their colour from green to brown.
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Szerokosc geograficzna: 41° 12' 28" N, Dlugosc geograficzna: 35° 25' 53" E see »

Lokalizacja: Turkey

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Merci pour ces infos. Que faut-il faire exactement dans un projet d'excavation ? Cela m'interesse beaucoup.
Arthur Peloufre |
Podpisany Arthur peloufre | 22.08.2014 - 18:51:35 GMT +0200

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