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Gdańsk Poland

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To my belief , I haven’t yet taken my masterpiece photo and I hope it won't happen shortly.

Also ... pano world and pano people are very often more intersting as real world and traditional photography!

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The most highlight panoramas by Kula Dariusz Fotokula

Gdańsk Poland - Katedra Oliwska in side

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Gdańsk Poland - Katedra Oliwska in side

DAR POMORZA ENGINE - POLAND - this 100 year old sailboat, absolutely one of the most beautiful in the world - fotokula.pl

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The museum ship, Dar Pomorza, normally anchored by the quay at Skwer Kościuszki in Gdynia - Poland. This 100 yeard old sailboat, absolutely one of...

Roof under construction / Dariusz Kula - fotokula

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Roof as in the middle of whale ... very interesting test for pano enthusiast :-) *** D700/14-24Nikkor/NN5/18x

Dar Pomorza Remontowa Shipyard * 112008 * www fotokula pl

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Dar Pomorza w suchym doku Stoczni  Remontowej w Gdańsku - Listopad 2008 © Dariusz Kula

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