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Programming and design:

Iban Borràs Serret

I am, originally, a graphic artist although for various reasons, I understand something about programming. Well, if it comes to it, programming is a form of art, if we understand art as a game of creation. I like to think of it like that. Whatever floats your boat. Perhaps that's why my training has this diversity.

And what do I mean by that? Life has always tended to lead me down the artistic road in an almost retro-driven process. At the age of 12, I won a drawing competition and I was given a beautiful 8-bit computer (80 Kbyte Toshiba MSX). That was the beginning. My academic training finished at the faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia and the rest could be considered as self-taught.

The adventure of is born in 2007 from the experience of and the work produced with dD Multimedia studio.

In 2004, taking advantage of years of experience acquired by sweat and a few tears, I set up, together with the artist and graphic creator, Rocio Mejies Olivares, our multimedia, graphic design studio: DilemaGrafic. I am also co-founder of other projects: Ziudad, SpinmeetS, ResetSpain and I am co-organizer of iWeekend Castellón.

My artistic background is as extensive as it can be but I'm always trying to broaden it. When not in front of a computer, I'm a bit of a culture vulture and as member of the cultural group Ball de Dimonis de Vinaròs I am transformed by playing with light and fire.

Photographic management and technical file:

Bernard Custard Gascó

I'm just one of a million users who had their first contact with computers via the now mythical Spectrum 16K, my first computer. Then came more advanced versions and others until I got to my current Macintosh.

Although my roots are in sound and image, little by little, after a lengthy training process, I turned towards professional photography, specializing in the field of HD panoramic photography virtual tours, gigapanoramics, digitalization of large scale images and professional retouching.

In 2002, we set up dD Multimedia, where you can see some of the services we offer our clients as well as national and international projects which we have developed over the years. is one of the international projects which has seen the light of day after many hours of dedication, a huge dose of self belief and a will to carry on and upwards, values which all of us who make up the team share.

Joan Carles Izquierdo Garay

I was born way back in 69 in a small Valencia village called Betera.

I spent my entire childhood taking to bits all the toys my parents used to give me with the intention of putting them back together again. Needless to say, they never returned to their original state (save a few exceptions)

Later, I became interested in computers and I took on the mantel of "rare bird" with my first computer, a Sony MX, instead of a ZX Spectrum, which was all the rage at the time. My interest grew and I discovered image synthesis thanks to the program Metropolis 2. These things led me to study I.T. at the Polytechnic University in Valencia.

When I finished my degree, specialising in physical systems, I realised that my world was in design work and I decided to branch out into industrial graphic design. Although I've been a technical engineer in industrial design for several years now, I'm still learning to be a good designer.

I've been a rarity since my formative years - I'm a Mac user, I don't like football, don't smoke, don't drink. I like Balkan music (goat music according to my friends) and best of all; I'm an unashamed Eurovision fan (you know.....Spain 12 points)

These days, I'm lucky enough to be working and learning a bit each day from my friends, Bernard, Iban and Rocio and to share my commitment with them to this and other projects we are striving to set up.

By the way, I still dismantle everything which comes to hand, but now, they do return to their original state (save a few exceptions)

Marketing and comunication:

Rocío Mejías Olivares

Por casualidades de la vida nací en algún lugar del norte, aunque viéndome nadie lo diría ya que, por obra y gracia de mi madre, mis raices -como a ella le gusta decir-, son sureñas.

Me gusta el arte, y mi formación como ceramista hace que siempre ande echando de menos el hacer cosas con las manos. Algún día volveré al barro a tiempo completo, pero, mientras tanto, ando trasteando en la red de redes e implicándome en locos proyectos de caracter global.

Buscando un lugar en el mundo decidí ser diseñadora industrial, y aunque disfrutaba inventando objetos, pronto descubrí la belleza de la animación y el grafismo, asi que una cosa llevó a la otra y acabé haciendo como proyecto final un vídeo de animación, que casi se puede decir que es el que me trajo hasta aquí. Afortunadamente, en ese camino, encontré buenos amigos de los que seguir aprendiendo y con los que llevo ya un largo recorrido.

Me parece que mi pasión por la escultura hay que buscarla hoy detrás de alguna línea de código o en algun gráfico de una página web. Por el camino han quedado variedad de cursos, talleres y unos cuantos proyectos, pero estoy segura de que todavía nos quedan un montón de ideas por desarrollar, con las que seguiremos aprendiendo y llevando un poco más allá nuestras ilusiones.

Raquel González Vidal

Pude cumplir mi sueño, estudié periodismo, la profesión que me entusiasmaba desde niña. Tras trabajar en algunos medios de comunicación, especialmente recuerdo con cariño los años trabajados en televisión, decidí hace un tiempo iniciar mi propio proyecto, Acentúate Comunicación, un gabinete de prensa que además de trabajar con los medios de comunicación tradicionales también desarrolla acciones de comunicación en el ámbito del 2.0.

¿Cómo llegó a mi vida? ¡De pronto y sin esperarlo! Paulatinamente fui conociendo a los miembros del equipo, me presentaron la plataforma y me encantó esencialmente por dos cosas: siempre he disfrutado con la fotografía y me apasiona viajar. Poco a poco inicié mi colaboración con viewAt, trabajando para incrementar su visibilidad en medios de comunicación y en algunos foros y blogs de interés. Así que esa es mi labor en, la relación con los medios de comunicación, la gestión de textos y el ámbito 2.0 de la plataforma.


English: Colin Elton Custard
French: Emmanuël Hazé & revised by: Arnaud Leclère
Italiano: Rosario Azzara
Portugues: Danielle Galindo Fernandes
Polish: Hubert Pawlowski & Zbigniew Pilip

Panoramic Beta-Testers:

Ecliptique Laurent Thion
Ignacio Ferrando Margelí
Iñaki Rezola Gamboa
Eric Rougier
Luis De la sierra
and Bernard Custard Gascó & Joan Carles Izquierdo Garay


Ventura Roig Martínez
Lorena Coll Badí
Noelia Coll Badí
Miquel Àngel Cebolla Hernandis

Special thanks: