View from Tryfan, Snowdonia, Wales

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Fatta il 07/09/2012
Tryfan is one of the most iconic mountains in Snowdonia. With just under 1000m it is not one of the highest but whichever route you take it is a proper scramble - there is no 'easy' way to walk to the top. It was used as a training ground by the British team that climbed Mount Everest in 1953 which seems unlikely due to the difference in size but climb it in winter or in windy conditions (well, pretty much any day) and you can see how it could prepare you for something bigger.
The two big boulders at the top are called Adam and Eve. From up there you got views of Nant Ffrancon (the clear valley with the lakes) leading to Anglesey. The mountain range to the south west are the the Glyderau - on the other side (the valley with the clouds) is the Llanberis valley with Snowdon. Behind Adam and Eve you have great views further inland.
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Latitudine: 53° 6' 53" N, Longitudine: 3° 59' 51" W see »

Luogo: United Kingdom

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Beautiful Wales! I like it a lot. In this view for example Banding is clearly to see. Compared to other areas in the sky is always less information. Maybe it gets better with a higher JPG compression to reach a certain amount of data according to your uploaded file size.
Da Wilfried Glocar | 03/05/2013 - 05:28:40 GMT +0200

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