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Lake Zway, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

31 votes

Lake Zway or Lake Ziway is one of the freshwater Rift Valley lakes of Ethiopia. It is located about 60 miles south of Addis Ababa, on the border...

Debre Birhan Selassie Church, Gondar, Ethiopia

67 votes

The Debre Birhan Selassie (Trinity and Mountain of Light) Church in Gondar is famed for its beautiful examples of Ethiopian church art. Built by an...

Ex Bodi tribe village, Mago National Park, Ethiopia

66 votes

It´s an abandoned village of bodi tribe they just move to another place just 3 months ago. As you can see it´s like store where they keep all the...

Inauguración mejoras en el colegio, Soddo, Wolaitta, Ethiopia.

21 votes

Inaguración de la mejoras en el colegio a cargo de la Universidad de Valencia. Un proyecto de colaboración donde poco a poco se irá reformando la...

Mursi Tribe, Mago National Park, Jinka, Ethiopia.

115 votes

As you can see this it is one of the Mursi village it´s not the main village. It´s at the other side of Mago National Park. Como podéis ver es...

Mercado de Jinka, Jinka, Etiopía.

42 votes

Donde se reunen diversas tribus para vender y comprar lo que producen.

Inside Bet Golgotha church, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

34 votes

Bet Golgotha it´s located at the northwest cluster churches. It´s remarkable as in that it has seven life-size reliefs of saints carved around it´s...

The future of Ethiopia, Addis Abbaba, Ethiopia.

61 votes

Niños. Los encuentras a cada paso. En Etiopía hay muchísimos niños, a pocos les falta la sonrisa. Ríen, saludan, piden un birr, te dan la mano,...

Bena children, Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

111 votes

As you can see on this panoramas they are Bena tribe children. The most incredible children I ever meet, very happy and clever childs. For those...

Church of St.George, Lalibela, Ethiopia.

48 votes

The Church of St. George (Amharic: Bete Giyorgis?) is a monolithic church in Lalibela, Amhara Region, Ethiopia. It is the most well known and last...

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