Radosław Kowalski

Luogo di residenza:

Szczecin, Poland
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Attrezzatura utilizzata:

Nodal Ninja 3 mk II, Canon EOS 600D, Samyang 8 mm



The most highlight panoramas by Radosław Kowalski

Rock Labyrinths II

23 votes

Beautiful and strange rock formations in Stolowe Mountains in Poland

Chapel at Lutheran Trinity Church - Szczecin

22 votes

A piece of modern structure in historical architectural context.

Curved Forest

21 votes

Near five acres of strangely curved forest trees in Gryfino area (nort-western Poland). The reason of this deformation is still not known.

Dusk at river wharf II

11 votes

Rock Labyrinths

11 votes

Beutiful and strange rock formations in Stolowe Mountains in Poland.

Jamno Lake Canal

11 votes

Canal connecting Baltic Sea and Jamno Lake in north-west Poland

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