Dheerayod Patibhanthewa

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Dheerayod Patibhanthewa - Bangkokian Photographer

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The most highlight panoramas by Dheerayod Patibhanthewa

Tard Yearn, Pakxe

24 votes

52 Female monks sculpture, Thepthidaram Temple Bangkok

22 votes

Wat Thepthidaram, Bangkok-Thailand Believed to be the only place in Thailand with ,52, female monks sculpture .

Jesada Technik Museum

13 votes

Jesada Technik Museum was initially a personal collection of Mr. Jedsada Dejsakulrit. He is a business man who travel the world to work and add new...

Navaratree Annual parade preparation

12 votes

Navaratree Annual parade preparation     Navaratree is Hindu festival to celebrate Uma Devi goddess, the wife of Shiva. The Festival last for...

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