Panoramas of Latvia
Vil Muhametshin

Entrance hall at the Birini Castle, Latvia

31 votes

The castle was built in 1860, and exemplifies a successful mixture of styles – the architecture is dominated by the Neo-gothic and semicircle...

Fireplace room at the Riga Art Nouveau Museum

17 votes

The fireplace room is situated in the representative part of the apartment. It is a place where hosts and guests gather around the fire. Sipping...

Fontaine Palace rock club in Liepaja, Latvia

52 votes

The Baltic countries leading rock venue has 2 floors with space for 650 people and it’s open 24 hours, 7 days a week and for 365 days a year. The...

French garden at Rundale Palace - aerial view, Latvia

43 votes

The park of Rundāle Palace is an essential part of the palace complex; it has retained its original layout without any significant changes. The...

Here's to you!

21 votes

Yet another friendly evening at the Fontaine Palace rock club in Liepaja, Latvia

Historic dance studio “Petit Trianon” at the Riga Art Nouveau Museum

45 votes

Famous historic dance studio “Petit Trianon” from St.-Petersburg has presented a one-of-a-kind performance at the Riga Art Nouveau Museum....

Kokle - traditional Latvian musical instrument

111 votes

Handcrafted music instruments and toys, a little bit of wooden furniture, collection of World music, ancient-style Latvian jewelry and a nice...

Liepaja beach

34 votes

Liepaja beach is located within the city, and is just a short walk from the downtown. Unspoiled nature, kilometers of white fine sand beach,...

Old sport cars at the Riga Motormuseum, Latvia

20 votes

On this panorama you can see AMERICAN LA FRANCE Typ 12 "Simplex", made in USA in 1914 (on the left), AMILCAR Type CGS made in France (1924) and...

On a sunny autumn day near the Turaida wooden church

5 votes

It is the oldest wooden church built by country craftsmen which survived in its place in Vidzeme, norther part of Latvia. It was built in 1750 by...

Race and record cars at the Riga Motormuseum, Latvia

22 votes

___________________ Virtual Retro Car Show

Replica of FARMAN 4 aircraft at the Aviation festival in Riga

80 votes

This training airplane, constructed by Henri Farmane in 1910, was considered the safest airplane of its kind in the world. Replica is built by...

Replica of VEF I-12 aircraft at the Aviation festival in Riga, Latvia

31 votes

The VEF I-12 was a Latvian trainer aircraft designed by Kārlis Irbītis and produced by VEF in Riga during 1935 to 1941. The plane was...

Sand sculpture park - Magic Sand Riga 2011

41 votes

Visitors  of the creative sand sculpture park in Riga look at the sculptures created by the artists, are inspired by them and try their own hand at...

Service at the Riga Lutheran Church of Jesus, Latvia

31 votes

Today's building of the church of Jesus was built in 1822 according to the project of architect H. F. Breitkreic. Nowadays this is the biggest...

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