Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Valencia, Spain

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Tomada el 03/11/07
The largest square is Plaza del Ayuntamiento, in front of you it´s the town hall. This is where the noisy fireworks of the mascletà can be heard every afternoon during the Fallas festival.
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Latitud: 39° 28' 11" N, Longitud: -0° 22' 36" E ver »

Lugar: Valencia, Spain

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

I would have put some angle moreover "tilt" at the adjustment of the QVTR at the time of the loading of the panorama...the building better would be seen

otherwise it is very beautiful

...excuse my english...i speach french...
Por Alain | 03/11/07 - 20:16:28 GMT +0100
Excuse-me, I missed my vote... I wished more... sorry
Por Alain | 03/11/07 - 20:25:00 GMT +0100
I will do it later, not a problem!!!!! ;) . Don´t worry for your english it´s perfect I can understand you. Your panos it´s great, congratulations.
Por Bernard | 03/11/07 - 20:35:33 GMT +0100

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