Sleggveien (Slagg Street) in Røros, Norway

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Tomada el 20/08/07
The houses in the upper part of Sleggveien Røros have a great deal to tell us about a certain period in the mining town’s social history. In the small houses, that had neither cattle Houses nor stables, lived daily paid labourers, widows, other breadwinners and wanderers.
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Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Hi, does people still live in those houses, or it's "only" a museum? I love Norway for all the wood used to build, lived my self in Bergen and Tromso some time in the past.

Regards, Marek
Por Marek Kowalczyk | 24/04/08 - 19:58:34 GMT +0200
Hi Marek, most of these houses in this panorama are really a museum, but in the part, where you can see the car at the end of the alley, there are still living people.

Regards Anatol
Por Anatol Jasiutyn | 25/04/08 - 17:47:39 GMT +0200

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