Children playing with the water at 50ºC, Şanlıurfa, Turkey.

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Tomada el 08/05/11
The temperature was extreme and i decided to shoot a panorama with the children playing with the water BUT..... and here it´s the funny thing. They went crazy when a arrived with the camera, it was almost impossible to shoot it because everyone wanted to be in front of the camera and they were throwing me water and i tried to protect the lens from the water :).

I thought that i missed the moment, and it was a shame not to capture it, but two days trying to fixed everything., now i able to show you the little story. I like the moment and the story behind it :). They are playing in front a mosque. When the police were patrolling near the park, they called the attention to the kids and they ran in all directions :).

Sorry about the imperfections but sometimes it´s better capture it than miss it.
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Latitud: 37° 8' 51" N, Longitud: 38° 47' 15" E ver »

Lugar: Turkey

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

What a great shot!!! The kids don't accept any distance, everyone wants to be the closest. They nearly want to touch the lens with their noses. This is very difficult or even impossible to stitch without mistakes.
Por Heiner Straesser | 18/12/11 - 11:54:49 GMT +0100
I tried to keep them a little bit far from the camera Heiner, but it was impossible to do it. Like in other countries, kids are great and when they see a camera ........ everyone wants to be the first one :). Thanks for your kind comments.
Por Bernard Custard | 18/12/11 - 12:46:52 GMT +0100

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