Kokkinos Hotel at Santorini in Akrotiri Village (room 1)

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Tomada el 01/09/13
Kokkinos Villa at Santorini.Kokkinos is a hotel overlooking the big Caldera of Santorini island in Greece at Akrotiri Village.
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ANGELO Santorini
Miembro Oro

Latitud: 36° 21' 36" N, Longitud: 25° 24' 9" E ver »

Lugar: Σαντορίνη, Greece

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Please learn first how to use a camera, then how to take the photographs for a panorama and how to stitch the images! This is not a platform to advertise for a hotel. And don't forget that a hotel-panorama has to be perfect.
Por Heiner Straesser | 13/11/13 - 21:20:39 GMT +0100

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