Au bord du Gardon, en aval du pont du Gard.

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Tomada el 13/01/13
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Equipo utilizado:

Canon 600D + Sigma 8mm Fisheye + Home made panohead


6 Bracketed shots + ptguiPro + PanotourPro

Latitud: 43° 56' 54" N, Longitud: 4° 32' 12" E ver »

Lugar: Remoulins, France

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Superb panorama Philippe and welcome to you and all your team to viewAt. We hope you enjoy the experience. Congrats for the panorama ;).
Por Bernard Custard | 11/02/13 - 04:34:13 GMT +0100
Thanks a lot, Bernard, coming from you  this compliment honors me :-) Your website is AWESOME !!!

I am convinced that our starting partnership will be GREAT !!!

We have made thousands of panos, but what is missing is... the time !

I promise we will upload some of them as soon as possible...

All the best for you, your team and your stunning community.
Por Philippe | 11/02/13 - 04:49:44 GMT +0100
Remember that you can upload an equirectangular jpeg , quicktimefile or the jpeg cube faces files inside a zipfile. We have to write you an email. Regards,

Por Bernard Custard | 11/02/13 - 04:55:03 GMT +0100

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