Bâtiment de Sir Foster architecte à Varsovie

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Tomada el 26/04/07
« Metropolitan » is the first AAA class office building in Poland. It was designed and realised in 2003 by Sir Norman Foster associated with JEMS Architekci, one of the best architectural studios in Poland. « Metropolitan » has got a MIPIM Award ( the most prestigious distinction in the property world, in a business center's category) and the RIBA Worldwide Award in 2004.
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Hubert Pawlowski
Miembro Plata

Latitud: 52° 14' 32" N, Longitud: 21° 0' 44" E ver »

Lugar: Warsaw, Poland

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Merci pour votre pano !
Please write caption or URL about this place ! Thank You in advance !
Por Andrew Varlamov | 07/06/08 - 14:11:36 GMT +0200
I join my comment Andrew. Here you will find another link with some information:


Por Hub | 07/06/08 - 16:53:15 GMT +0200

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