Menai bridge in sea fog at night

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Tomada el 06/02/12
Sea fog over the Menai bridge. The bridge itself is one of the first proper suspension bridges and it connects Anglesey with mainland Britain. Built in 1826, engineered by Thomas Telford, they had to overcome several obstacles - steel was not available yet so they ad to build chains from cast iron. The bridge spans about 180m and is held up by 16 chains, each made from over 900 iron bars (weight per chain about 120 tons!!). Because the Menai Strait was a navy passage the bridge has to be 30m high (to let sailing boats pass though) and they were only allowed to close the Strait for a day. So all the chains were laid out on barges and then lifted in place.
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Latitud: 53° 13' 11" N, Longitud: 4° 9' 47" W ver »

Lugar: United Kingdom

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Very special, I love this old steel constructions. Light in the fog is awesome!
Por Wilfried Glocar | 23/02/13 - 00:19:53 GMT +0100
Great pano! Silent Hill )))
Por Sergey Kulishkin | 23/02/13 - 09:41:56 GMT +0100

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