Llyn Idwal - night with snow, ice and stars

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Tomada el 21/01/13
Not that often that it is properly cold around here so you need to seize the moment. I was not the only one out there; up devils kitchen you can see the head lamps of three ice climbers. At that time you could see the constellations in the sky quite clearly - as opposed to half an hour later when the clouds spilled over the mountains.
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Latitud: 53° 7' 7" N, Longitud: 4° 1' 29" W ver »

Lugar: United Kingdom

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Great picture, I can imagine the cold and I know you had to suffer a little bit for this one.
Por Wilfried Glocar | 25/01/13 - 05:21:40 GMT +0100
It was 'only' about -2 and I was prepared for the 30s waits in between pictures so I was wrapped up nice and warm. Good thing was there was nearly no wind. But yes, the fingers suffered a bit despite gloves (still need to take them out to adjust the panorama head).
Por Barcud Revnik | 25/01/13 - 07:16:57 GMT +0100

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