Piazza del Duomo, Trento, Italy

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Trento is one of the cities in Italy people usually pass on the way to the sea or to Tuscany. But those who stop here discover a large historical center with many medieval buildings and wallpaintings. My image shows the Palazzo Pretorio (with the tower under restauration), San Vigilio Dome (13th century), Casa Balduini (with frescoes from the 15th century), in the center the Neptun fountain (1786) and the Rella houses (Caffe Italia) with colourfull frescoes.
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Latitud: 46° 4' 3" N, Longitud: 11° 7' 16" E ver »

Lugar: Trento, Italy

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

La técnica inmejorable, y el lugar elegido precioso. Me sentí dentro de la plaza mientras la veía.
Por Jesus Sanchez Ibañez | 30/04/12 - 10:16:56 GMT +0200
Thank you for your comment, but it would be nice to write in English, because I don't speak Spanish.
Por Heiner Straesser | 30/04/12 - 12:37:43 GMT +0200
Excellent technique, and the place lovely. I felt inside the square while was  watching it.
Por Jesus Sanchez Ibañez | 30/04/12 - 14:57:30 GMT +0200
Thank you very much - muchas gracias.
Por Heiner Straesser | 30/04/12 - 22:02:44 GMT +0200

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