Recep's House in Zeytinbagi, Turkey

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Tomada el 04/08/11
Zeytinbagi is a small town on the southern part of the Sea of Marmara, not far away from Mudanya. The name Zeytinbagi means olive garden, and the hills around the town are full of olive trees. The image is taken in front of the house of Recep, which is a unique building of Greek origin. And of course he's selling olives.
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Latitud: 40° 23' 32" N, Longitud: 28° 47' 47" E ver »

Lugar: Turkey

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Lovely house :)  it could be a bit scary feeling to live at the 3rd floor... :)
Por Vil Muhametshin | 19/10/11 - 03:18:01 GMT +0200

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