Torbole, Lago di Garda, Italy

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Tomada el 26/04/11
A sunny morning in spring at the northern end of the Garda Lake (Lago di Garda).
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Latitud: 45° 52' 6" N, Longitud: 10° 52' 35" E ver »

Lugar: Nago-Torbole, Italy

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Hi Heiner!
Seems we were at Lago di Garda almost in the same time :)
It's a really wonderful place, especially in April! :)  
This was just my first visit there, but definitely not the last... :)
Por Vil Muhametshin | 07/05/11 - 03:36:26 GMT +0200
Hi Vil,
when you go there the next time, let me know. It's just 350km from my home and I know a nice (and not so expensive) place in Torbole.
Por Heiner Straesser | 07/05/11 - 06:30:08 GMT +0200
Hi Heiner!
Thank you - it sounds great! :) Lucky you living so close to this wonderful place :)
Por Vil Muhametshin | 16/06/11 - 07:04:14 GMT +0200

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