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In the western part of the Carpathian Mountains, between the valleys and Zdynia Regetówki, there is a wooded ridge of the Rotunda. At the top is a military cemetery No. 51, World War I, one of hundreds of such buildings erected in the years 1915-1918 in Galicia by the Austrian authorities. It is perhaps the most proven and most interesting of the group of 31 cemeteries designed by Slovak architect Dušan Jurkowicza in the so-called. żmigrodzkiego circle.

The cemetery was founded on a circle, surrounded by a stone wall szańcowym. To the cemetery from the east, ran a wooden gate, in a shingle roof on poles. The centrally positioned were five tall, wooden towers, covered with shingles, wooden crosses nakrytymi ended semicircular roofs, fixed to the arms of the cross trunnion ball. Towers had a slender shingled roofs, broken at the base, with small pulpitowymi eaves at 2 / 3 height. The central tower, standing at the geometrical center of the cemetery had a height of approximately 16 m. It was surrounded by four lower towers, arranged in concentric square central tower diagonals. Around the graves there were 20 individual and 4 collective graves. For graves have wooden crosses simple beam, and a wishbone, with the upper arm covered with a small cap shuttering. At the intersection of the arms were attached to rectangular wooden shields cut the bottom corners. Buried there 42 Austro-Hungarian soldiers who belonged mainly to the first Tyrolean Riflemen Regiment of the Imperial, 36 Infantry Regiment from Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic, 59 Infantry Regiment, "Rainer" of Salzburg in Austria, 1.Pułku Infantry Landwehr of Vienna, 25 Landwehr Infantry Regiment. There lies also 12 Russian soldiers mainly from the 193rd Swijażskiego Infantry Regiment.

Originally the cemetery, located on the top is not forested mountains, visible from afar. Now, as the surrounding hills, the summit is covered with forest Rotunda. In 2002 and 2003 were carried out cleaning works at the cemetery, the work consisted of clearing the area of ​​overgrown vegetation him, grubbing tree trunks cut a few years ago, the purification of coal Murka surrounding the cemetery. Thanks to these measures was unveiled an outline of the graves and remains of several survivors of crosses .. The only remaining wooden towers frameworks, and one of them collapsed completely. As good probably only remained a stone plaque with carved inscription Maltese cross and quatrains in German, by Hans Hauptmann. The translation reads it:

Do not cry, that lie so far away from the people, And sometimes we have thunderstorms in the characters to have given - After all the sun every morning wakes us here I've been covering his purple glory.
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Lugar: Poland

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You've got to make a great pano! Amazing!

Por Iban Borràs Serret | 14/11/11 - 01:30:28 GMT +0100
Wow! This is one of the best fog panos I've ever seen, I can almost feel the chill! Congrats! Love the light you've catched.
Por Henry Alvarez | 14/11/11 - 12:00:15 GMT +0100
C'est une réalisation qui a du caractère et une ambiance particulière. J'apprécie beaucoup.
Por Elmer | 15/11/11 - 09:12:25 GMT +0100

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