Marketplace of the Small Town Elterlein | Marktplatz der Kleinstadt Elterlein #3

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Tomada el 05/07/09
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Latitud: 50° 34' 36" N, Longitud: 12° 52' 9" E ver »

Lugar: Elterlein, Germany

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Very nice sky :) and very dark buildings :(
Can You enhance balance ?
Por Andrew | 16/02/10 - 23:30:29 GMT +0100
Thanks for advice. But I don't think that the buldings are too dark. You must consider that there are almost no shadows, so the covered sun light isn't so strong in spite of the nice blue sky. If I made the picture brighter the lights would burn out or rather the original taken situation wouldn't match.
Por Rico Hentschel | 17/02/10 - 11:14:03 GMT +0100

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