B.L.O.B. (Bloated Lighting Organic Blow)

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Tomada el 19/09/08
Installation de Lucie Lom pour les Accroches Coeurs 2008
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Latitud: 47° 28' 19" N, Longitud: -0° 33' 6" E ver »

Lugar: Angers, France

Comentarios sobre esta panorámica:

Good one Jerome, I like it very much. The ilumination it´s fantastic and the colours are great, also I have seen for the first time the quality of pentax that it seems it´s a good one. Could you please tell me with ISO did you use for do that pano? It´s only to know the level of noise that it has the camera because in this picture it hasn´t got any noise.

Por Bernard | 23/09/08 - 18:10:36 GMT +0200
Hi Bernard,
I shot at 100 ISO (10 sec exposure).
The Pentax K10 is good, but over 400 you begin to have a bit noise, 800 ISO is accepatable but 1600 ISO is really not good...
Thanx for your comment !
Por Jerome Boccon-Gibod | 23/09/08 - 18:54:41 GMT +0200
Could be the new pentax K-m presented at photokina perhaps it´s better with the noise.
Por Bernard | 23/09/08 - 19:49:13 GMT +0200

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