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Published on 21/12/12 in the section of Press

By viewAt.org Team

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From now on, if you publish your  panoramas at viewAt.org you can do it within an equirectangular format and we will automatically convert it into an image cube. This greatly improves the display quality on the web, enhancing speed and also allows you to view your pano  in HTML5 format, required for iPads and iPod devices.

We work to improve and provide you the dissemination of your work every day. We hope you are now even more comfortable with us.

And remember, we now offer much more for just a few euros, with new Pro accounts You can view your panoramas (including the embedded ones) and your profile folders statistics for your customers, generating virtual tours, and much more!

Enter your personal panel management and find:

The ViewAt.org team

Comments of this new:

Thank you!!!
For me that makes the uploads just that little bit easier because I do not have to do the cube face conversion and zipping!!

Thanks, great present!!
By Barcud Revnik | 21/12/12 - 13:58:09 GMT +0100

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