Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey.

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Cool shop , with cool lamps !!!!!.
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Latitude: 41° 0' 38" N, Longitude: 28° 58' 6" E see »

Location: Turkey

Comments on panorama:

I feel as if someone just gave me a present this morning! I'm so glad to have found your website. I am a world traveller, have lived in North America, Europe and now Asia (Seoul, South Korea) Your panoramics are more than great photography. Somehow you've managed to not only display what is seen but what you felt when you saw it. I'm adding this to my Blogroll. Thank you.
By Felicia | 22/09/07 - 02:57:58 GMT +0200
this one is really nice !
By Davx | 03/11/07 - 11:35:15 GMT +0100
Com mola esta pano! Xic... El de la tenda no et va posar cap pega?
By Iban | 03/11/07 - 19:04:02 GMT +0100
Home, pa ell és publicitat, no?
By Iban | 03/11/07 - 19:16:40 GMT +0100
Hombre depende de lo que entiendas por publicidad. Digo yo que no se enterará ni el tato, no?. Si no hay teléfono ni tampoco dirección, va a ser que No.
By Bernard Custard Gascó | 03/11/07 - 21:22:28 GMT +0100

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